I had an epiphany  As I am a writer (obviously) and I have an affinity for shooting off short snippets of text that may or may not relate to a story I have written or that I will write, I will post something of mine every week, on Wednesday, (I announce optimistically). It may only be a paragraph or it may be a full blown story. I have another blog that's a little odd. I wanted to write a story and put it up in installments. It didn't take off, imagine that, what with all the promoting I did(n't) do.
I may start with that.
So, if I am really sane you probably won't get anything. If I'm juusst a bit off my rocker, I think you might get more than you bargained for. Course, I could be wrong. Perhaps you know exactly what I'm capable of and are here to embrace my work and bask in the wackiness.
Whatever, I'm doing it anyway.

Wordy Wen 1, Three Witches

Wordy Wen 2, To Die or Live

Wordy Wen 3; What I've Learned

Wordy Wen 4, Wackadoodle Girl

Wordy Day 1

Wordy Day 2 (with story) A Desert (not really) Island

Wordy Wednesday 5. Bubble's Ordeal at the Vet 1

Wordy Wednesday 6, A Deserted Island. Cont of Wordy Day 2

Wordy Wednesday 7 Purgatory Part 1

Wordy Wednesday 8; Styles and Nom de Plumes

Wordy Day 3; A Brief Check in with Bubbles

Wordy Wednesday 9, Writing, Part One, What Tools to Use

Wordy Wednesday 10, Ode to Jager

Wordy Wednesday 11, Success?

Wordy Wednesday 12, Feet Really Aren't Hands (segue?)

Wordy Day 4, Bubble's Ordeal, Part 2

Wordy Wednesday 13. Characters That Make Readers Feel Good

Wordy Wednesday 14. What Do You See?

Wordy Wednesday 15, My Dog is Gone

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