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Snow Sands is my first completed full length work. I finished the rough draft years ago and then I closed the cover of the notebook over stained and crinkly pages and I started writing other things. Come to think of it. I was writing other things at the time I was working on Snow Sands.
Here are a few of the stories I'm currently on. I've written quite a bit more but those ideas, both half formed and fully realized will remain shackled to lined pages and cooped up within word docs till such time as I begin work on them again.

Snow Sands, Through the Wormhole, Book 1 
Snow Sands has been shelved and is no longer available for sale. I discovered that my story structuring was shoddy for my first book and took it down to expand it and spackle a few of the cracks, if not knock down a few walls. Hopefully the rickety but handsome shack will become a sturdy little house and you'll be able to buy the new and improved pair of books in the Summer of 2014.

For NaNoWriMo 2012 I decided I would do a gaslamp mystery.
The Wind-Up Terrier

Miss Euphemia Hatter works as a secretary for her brother, Benton Hatter, until one day he gives her a gear to take to the patent office. There is a murder discovered at the patent office and the entirely female staff is cast out as, "A murder scene is no place for a woman." Euphemia takes the clerks under her wing and they poke around, making the life of one inspector miserable and inciting the rage of a severe old widow woman until stumbling upon a clue to the murder and solving the crime. There are a few clockwork things and a party and a whole lot of tea.
Status: The book is as far as I can take it on my own. I am turning it over to beta readers and expect to then tweak it and have it out for sale at the end of April 2014.(May 13. I got a little ahead of myself. I did get it read and I did get some insight into what I need to fix. TWUT  is getting some sections rewritten. I'm posting the release date optimistically as the end of May.)

Bad Romance (working title)

This is a book that I started writing years ago. I wanted to use two somewhat one dimensional characters and make fun of them a little bit while having them fall in love. It turned out better than I thought and they actually get along pretty well. There's a lot of pure and innocent emotion. The story is set in a fictional world and seems very old fashioned but there are no real specifics.

I intended it to be a novella at thirty thousand words but I dropped off on working on it after I somehow lost a few pages of prose that I was proud of. I'm going to finish it because it's a fun project.
Janus is a monster, stripped of his dignity and his skin at the hands of a horrible man who kept him locked in a basement until he was abandoned to roam the city. Marieanne is a girl with such pale skin and hair that she knows she appears hideous to those around her.

When Marieanne's blind sister is kidnapped, Marieanne sets off against the wishes of her overbearing mother and mousy father to find her, soon running into trouble in the city. Struck Dumb by her beauty, Janus begins to follow her and protect her from all those who wish to mar her innocence. Eventually they become companions and he travels with her to help her rescue her sister who they learn has captured by slave traders and taken to another country. While Marieanne focuses on freeing her sister, Janus marvels at Marieanne's beauty and how unaware of it she is while cursing his disfigurement which he hides underneath a cloak and moping over the fact she could never except someone so hideous.
Status: 21,000 words written. Planning the last few chapters.

The Ill-Fitted Gear
The Ill-Fitted Gear is the sequel to, The Wind-Up Terrier.
Euphemia is hired by her brother and two family friends to find out who has been stealing ideas and inventions from them. She takes on a new name, adopts a wildly different persona and takes employment in the workshop of Darwin Fulbright.
Status: Chapter one, rough draft

Through the Wormhole: Book 2 (no working title at present)
Hayley tries to adjust to life back home while the Chief and his daughters wander around without their powers in a jungle and the half of the group on the other side of the closed wormhole tries to deal with the creature that has taken over Oliver, leveling buildings and causing havoc.  The rest join the fight against Queen Miki who has begun an all out war against, well, everyone.
Status: Outline for the first half of the book is complete.

Through the Wormhole: Book 0. What Everybody did Before Hayley
This is a series of short stories about the earlier lives and adventures of several of the main characters in the, Through the Wormhole, book series. The only characters you have very little chance of reading about are Hayley and Oliver. Everyone else is within the realm of possibility but for now I'm mostly concentrating on Ariana, Melody, Matthias and Anton as well as the princesses, Mika and Rose.
Status: The rough draft for part one, story one is complete. I'm playing with just releasing it story by story, though I'm not sure.

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