About Me

I like to write, of course, though that's more of an obsession than a hobby. I can and do occasionally knit though I'm terrible at socks, having never completed even one. I can crochet and have almost completed a sock, though I forgot what I was intending to do with the project and have stalled.
Here's a Crocheted Cthulu I made using this pattern here, a while ago.

I do origami sometimes. 
I like languages and am capable of communicating in German, though with sub-par grammar. 
I know some French and occasionally try to add to it. 
I'm currently trying to get through the free Welsh program offered by, Say Something in. I'm on lesson four. (It's been most of a year and I'm still on Lesson four.)
I've begun the free Spanish lessons done by the same people as the Welsh program. I'm on lesson two.
I really like languages. If only I was capable of more than basic communication. Course, I'm working on that.
What My Goals Are.
To write successfully.
To have a catalog of over thirty different books
To live in different countries and be able to speak the languages (Japan, Germany Wales.)
To do good things.
To be able to go into a bookstore and leave with a sack of books, still flush with cash.
Who am I?
I grew up in Texas. Austin, Georgetown and Temple, then back to Austin.
I began writing when I was twelve. My father had been telling me I should and during a homework lab after school, whenever I finished school work, I worked on a story.I wasn't very good at the story aspect. At the time, I was really into describing things. I still haven't quite gotten that down to a manageable level.

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