Thursday, December 29, 2016

Plan for Rewrite.

I'm going to set a challenge for myself.
Books can be written over a decade or in as little as a few days.
I wrote the rough draft for The Wind-Up Terrier over a couple of months. I did a few more drafts over a few years, trying to add more stuff to it, mostly.
Now the time has come to face facts.
The book might be publishable. It might be alright.

It doesn't work for me.

I'm not going to dump everything but I do need perspective and I do need to figure out exactly what I do and don't have before I can add anything else.  Starting this Sunday and ending on Saturday I will be "fixing" The Wind-Up Terrier. I will be posting my plan of action later this week and detailing what actually happens and my results as I go through the process.

If I am successful, I will have a book published in the first week of the new year which is a great start. If I am unsuccessful, I'm a few steps closer to figuring out what I'm doing.

Wish me luck?

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