Saturday, December 31, 2016

My Plan

This is a tentative battle plan for fixing The Wind-Up Terrier in the first seven days of 2017. Things might change as I find out what I can do.

I will be brainstorming. I'll try and figure out what I wanted to do with TWUT and I will be throwing out ideas for the story as if it's not already written. I might dig out some notes about what I wanted it to be.

I'll be writing character profiles and figuring out which ones sing. I might decide that some work but not for this story. I might decide others are fillers.

It's time to write an outline. I might try to write out what I've already done and I'll write out other potential outlines. When I first started the book I had only one basic outline of what should happen chapter by chapter and then later I added descriptions. After that I added more plot. I think it became a bit cluttered that way. This time I have details from the original and it's just a matter of picking and choosing.

It's time to begin writing.

Time to tidy up and look at what I have, whether I succeeded or I've at least improved the book and my understanding of what I did.

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