Friday, December 23, 2016

Books. Progress. Negligible.

So, The Wind-Up Terrier has been written for a while but I'm just not happy with it. I may have to do the unthinkable, for me, and just start from the beginning and redo it, taking things from the old version.

Snow Sands; Through the wormhole, is stalled.

I have a children's book I finished but I don't have a cover.

I have a bunch of things partially written and several short stories fully written.

The lesson here, buckle down and do it. I had been gradually doing things a little bit at a time but I think that locking myself in a closet and working for several hours until I reach a frothing frenzy may be the only way to complete things. Maybe if my work was fine after a couple drafts I could just work slowly but at this pace I'm not sure which way is up anymore when it comes to my plots.

I need to clean out my closet.

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