Thursday, September 11, 2014

New Plan

I lied. Again.

I don't really have Vampire Girl in me anymore.
However...I do have this little story about aliens and a little girl named Bill.
Really I've just been so tired. Work is tiring. Not being able to finish consolidating my work is tiring. Exercise is tiring. Making dinner is tiring.

Life. Is. Tiring.

I just figured this out. I guess being an unemployed, emotionally unstable hermit would make me not so much an expert on all things that involve daily interactions with people.
Work's not so bad really, at least not the social interactions since you don't actually have to do very much with people. Work goes more smoothly when you pretend other people aren't there, except the people you talk to to keep yourself sane.

On another note, I mildly poisoned myself with a vitamin supplement. Not Iron, thankfully. I know better than that, but something else. I'm not telling what. The very fact that I was so stupid is a little painful to admit. I am pretty used to doing stupid shit by now, though. Sometimes I'm just not there and sometimes the little timed injections of necessary chemicals that my body gives from it's little bulbous glands aren't very well regulated.

I don't think a lot of people read very well. I think reading comprehension is lower than it should be. I'd say it was a bad school system if I was a certain kind of person. I'd say they're poor and dumb if I was another and I'd say their parents just don't teach them stuff when they're little if I was the third kind. What I really think is something else. I think people don't feel they have to and that's the fault of everything.

There's the answer. Everything is Fucked.

No. Not really. There's always going to be some crap that ain't gonna straighten out without a crowbar and a whole ton of pressure and/or heat. The world still functions.
A few to many things are skewed though and there aren't enough people with crowbars.

So, new plan. I try to write a bit on the story that I just barely have a plan for and see where it goes from there. Updates will be sporadic but I can promise, at the very least, once a month.

You should keep expectations low for this one. What I do produce should be pretty extra special but quantity will be extremely varied.

Have fun with life. I do. That's why I'm currently interested in Belly Dance! It's wonderfulllllllllllllllll.