Thursday, January 9, 2014

I've Been Slipping

I try to keep from being too negative, most of the time, with strangers at least.

I've gotten better, honest, overall.

To be absolutely truthful I've been slipping for the last several weeks. Sanity, creativity and drive have gone out the window and my laptop is  still unusable. All of the hardware is usable, if anyone would fix it for less than a hundred and change, which they won't. The hard drive is fine, though. Unfortunately, I lost the screwdriver and now the hard drive is kinda stuck in the computer. Well, it is stuck. There's no kinda about it. Some of the connectors are also disconnected and the keyboard has some keys pried up because apparently my boyfriend and I are a bit like monkeys when we get annoyed. We can't just leave it alone. We gotta poke the damned thing, preferably with something pointy and metal.
No, we were like otters with a reallly big clam.

I do have a new computer now. Used new.  It runs on windows xp and I can't get the word processor that I had before on it. I'm less than pleased about that. Apache Open office is nice and all. I could even like it better but I need compatibility. The writing demands it. Microsoft word has been a pain for a while but I need it.

I'm thissss close to getting a typewriter and shoving it down someone's throat.

I'm also considering a career in comedy.

I saw a sign a few days ago that said, "Peaceful passification authorized."

What could it mean? I started looking around for gas dispensers just to be safe.

Perhaps I have a future on stage. I just have to get over my fear of rejection. Also, I need to get over the fear of being recognized from my...Other activities. No kidding, I dream that my sordid past will come to light.
 People will go, "Did you hear? She ate an ice cream cone seductively in elementary school."

I didn't know, okay! but I would be ruined forever.

Nah. That would be silly. I have nightmares about other things being exposed. It's probably nothing. Still, you don't feel special unless you have deep dark secrets. 

The book is being worked on, albeit erratically and with little focus or surety.
I am just now regaining my routine and I am considering pen names. I think this name, which I never liked much, is fine for Snow Sands and any related fantasy but I think the book I'm currently trying to finish might go under another name. I'm not sure. It's hard to be certain. We'll see. I'll go back to posting on Wednesdays. Probably stories. Maybe grammar, if I knew for sure what that was.

I hope I haven't bored or disturbed you.