Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Back From Batty. Hi.

Well, I've dropped the ball a bit. It's okay to say so, I know it myself. I lost creativity, I went batty. I contemplated banality...I got a job.

All of these things got in the way of my duties to myself and to those people that happen to flick past my page on occasion. There is one thing that brought me back. I like money.
Just kidding.
If that was really my motivation would I be writing?
Though, I do like money and the fact that I have money which will allow me to live somewhere better, eat somewhat healthier and wear spectacles that aren't scratched all to heck is probably the reason that I have resumed posting.

Hope is a lovely thing when used sparingly.

On to more interesting things.

I have gotten my manuscript beta read by not one person, but two and I know what to do. True, there are still stumbling blocks as I am writing this post partially supine on a folded futon on the floor, on a pc no less. If it was a laptop it wouldn't be worth noting. I don't like using a pc on the floor but needs must and all that and I will persevere. Euphemism and the girls deserve at least that.

I'll be hard at work for the next week or so and you can expect The Wind-Up Terrier somewhere roundabout the end of May. (I know I said April but April's already past so I'll do my best.)
It will be my birthday present for myself. It's a good thing too, I can barely afford anything else.

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