Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Wind-Up Terrier's Glorious Debut is Nearly Upon Us!

I have been lax on posting again but this achievement necessitated an announcement.
The Wind-Up Terrier is finally done, at least far as it needed to be to send to beta readers.
In the next few months I will be tweaking something here and tightening bolts there and then, when it gleams, The Wind-Up Terrier will be released.
If you would like to wait until then to read, when it's up for sale and formatted, you're welcome to but if you don't and want to meet Euphemia and the clerks now, I'm currently looking for beta readers to help me spit shine this construct.
Below is a short excerpt from the book.

Oh, for all of god’s little cherubs dancing up in heaven. Are you coming or not?”
Euphemia looked at Dezzy who had a hand on the door handle and was staring at her with exasperation. “Uh, yes. Of course.” She followed Dezzy in and, to her surprise, the rest followed her.
Dezzy walked into the pub, followed by Euphemia together with Ally, Emmie and Mildred. They didn’t make much of an entrance but as moments ticked by, the room quieted. The inspector looked up from his pint and blinked. His face slackened as Dezzy walked towards him. “Not you again. Why d’ya want t bother me now? Haven’t I got a right to some piece and to be let alone in my own damn boozer! Have ye come t spit in my beer? Yeah, right. That’d be a fine finish to a perfect week.” He took a gulp of beer and wiped his mouth as he stared defiantly at them.

Dezzy spoke coldly. “As a matter of fact, we are here to give you the means to closing the case that has caused you such discomfort.” She stared back at him, her head to one side and her arms crossed, brown eyes dark as if something was viewing him from a pit in Tartarus. 

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