Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Snow Sands, Back to the Drawing Board

Well, I finally got someone to read through the book and tell me what they thought. I'm aware that people have stuff to do, but it always seems to be a matter of forcing people to do stuff for me. It kinda makes me wish I were a meaner person, then I'd find it fun.

Okay, to the point. The humor is great, emphases on the great. The main character is a bit too accepting of her situation and there are a few minor formatting issues.

Now the last part of the book. It falls apart. Too much is going on, the main character falls to the wayside and it's just a muddle. Still funny, though.

Based on this information provided from a kind reviewer on Goodreads, I've come to understand exactly what I have, a pile-up of stuff. It's funny and cute and nice but it doesn't quite make it as a cohesive book.

With that in mind I've taken down the book from both Smashwords and Amazon and intend to split it into two and expand on those parts, filling in any plot holes and ensuring that everything reads smoothly and makes more sense.

The lesson for today is; You usually don't know as much as you think you do and should be willing to change things once you have new knowledge.

Yep. It's back to the beginning with Snow Sands, I read it from the start again. "Fool, fool, back to the beginning is the rule."

The Wind-Up Terrier is in better shape, (hopefully) and will be released in the next month, perhaps November 30. I'm looking forward to everyone meeting Euphemia and the girls. Even though they were around before the word spitfire was coined, they definitely fit the perimeters.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Eat Grubs, Not Pugs

Eat bugs, not mammals! All us warm blooded, milk drinkers should stick together and eat the creepy, crawlies, not each other. 
That is my ruling. 
Also, I think most bugs would be easier to prepare than chicken or beef. They're already in bite size pieces, for crying out loud!
It's like eating shrimp. All we need is a sheller for different insects and we're set. Or eat them with the shell on, like my mom does for shrimp. Calcium, you kenn?
Rally with me, my friends. It's the dawn of a new generation. 

Grubs taste like bacon, apparently.


Also, Snails.


Sounds good to me!
Perhaps I should look up what fire ants taste like.