Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What Do You See? Wordy Wednesday

Today, I want to talk about perception. It's why my mother insists that many things are green when I know they are blue and why not everybody likes the same art.Things look and feel different to different people.
That's why you can't write for everybody. You have to write for people who like certain subjects and your pacing, descriptions and characters will reflect that as much or more so than your plot.

Of course, you can have relatively flat characters and a great story. Some people like that and other people will accept that if they identify with the tale you're telling, even if your mains are little more than cardboard cutouts of standard archetypes.

My point is, there's a lot of different things that go into a story and a little bit of focus to conform to a certain interest pool is good for satisfying a group of people.
Not everybody likes exactly the same things, even in a group of like minded individuals, but if you try to please one interest, you alienate the others.

I will say though, that you have to write for yourself, if you want to enjoy your work and finish as this is overwhelmingly true for many people, humans often lacking focus for boring tasks in this day and age. But, people have done quite well writing about what they hate.

This all boils down to something I'm sure everyone has heard, though not put quite the way I have said it. You should know your audience, whether that audience includes you and you love your stories or the audience is far removed from your interests and you're just in it for cash.

I don't mind people writing for the moolah, as long as they do it well, and don't make fun of the people who read their crap, at least not too much.

Some genres are like little Debbie snack cakes. They aren't exactly the best canvas to try and paint a work of art but what everyone should understand is that just because people read something you think is dumb, doesn't mean they are defined by it. There's something that calls to them but that is not all they are. Also, good artists can paint wherever they like and create something beautiful, even if it's a cheap pastry.

We all need a little reassurance or something to put zip in our lives. Just because plots are unrealistic and characters are bland cut-outs does not mean that there isn't heart to a book and to inspire feelings of contentment, love, anger, ecstasy and excitement, that's all you need.

All sorts of books are important, not just "literature." Some people may see it differently but that's what it's all about. Opinions, perception, heart and at the base of it all, hard work.