Thursday, September 19, 2013

Wordy Day, Bubble's Ordeal, Part 2

He could hear screams from the other side of the wall. Bubbles lifted his head and looked around warily, his ears swishing gently. He must have fallen asleep. He stared suspiciously at the water. It really had been drugged! But he had been thirsty. In fact he still was. He barked irritably at the yelping screams on the other side of the wall. Damned dog couldn't take a little pain. It was probably only a shot. As the dog was only yelling, Ow, ow ow, it wasn't as though he could tell anything useful. Gosh, what a disruptive racket. Bubbles wanted to be in the same room so he could glare down whatever puppy it was and explain how you should behave properly.
He began to lower his head but raised it again and turned towards the door. The same horrible person who had brought him into the room lead a gangly brown Great Dane inside, the tech must have tugged a little too hard on the leash because the Great Dane stumbled and let out a high pitched "Ow!"

Bubbles realized he'd stood and retreated to the back of the cage. He forced himself to step forward. That was the dog who'd been doing all that yelling? What a wimp. He watched the other dog carefully as he was stuffed into a floor level cage across the room. After the tech left, he leaped forward in his cage.

"What was that all about?" he demanded with a series of short, sharp barks.

The Great Dane jumped and then turned wide, moist golden- brown eyes up to him. "They caused me pain. There was something sharp that one of them stuck in my hind," the dog said reproachfully. As the scent of the new dog wafted around the room, Bubbles had time to analyze it. This was a puppy, a female, though it hardly mattered quite yet. She was un-neutered but still a few months from being in heat. Still, dogs that big were mostly good for blocking out the light, bitch or dog.

Bubbles watched the larger dog and then laid down, letting out a little whuff of air. "You'll get used to it as you get older," he said with an air of world weariness. It happens at least once a year and biting is something you never do." He remembered when as a small puppy he'd nipped and held on. His breeder had been extraordinarily displeased and right then Bubbles had realized that he should be careful. Even if he was very important, wounding people caused him to lose height on his pedestal with the humans.

The Great Dane whined and hung her head.

"So, first vet visit, huh?"

Bubble couldn't see where the other voice was coming from, it was probably from one of the cages on his side of the room as he could see the others and the cages surrounding the Great Dane bitch were all empty.
The great Dane looked up and to one side.

"Who is that!" said Bubbles, bouncing on his paws and looking from one side of the cage ceiling to the other in frustration.

"Oh, don't get your hackles all tangled up, groaned another voice gently. "It's just me, and old terrier without even a bone to my name. Hey, y'all. My masters call me Purdy."

"I'm Dai-sy," said the Great Dane with evident pleasure as she loled her tongue right after giving her moniker.

"I'm-Bubbles," said Bubbles reluctantly. He was displeased to be exchanging given names with dogs who could have come from anywhere in Austin. He was not here to make friends. He was not here willingly, at all.