Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wordy Wednesday, Feet Really Aren't Hands

Now, I know you know this, or you should, unless, perhaps you are a tiny baby, but feet really aren't hands.
They don't move the same way or look the same way or feel the same way. This is because they are at the end of your legs, farther from your heart, and they support your weight. I don't think hands can do that so easily, even gymnast's hands.

Course, if you look at a human skeleton or even that of a horse, you'll see the framework for hands. Same goes for an otter, though they actually have hands, but I'm not sure if their feet are hands. Huh, I wonder if otters will be the next race to reach sentience. I thought it would be racoons or cats. I once had a very disturbing dream about the beginning of sentience in cats. It eventually led to them trying to talk. Let me be the first to tell you, a cat's voice is pretty damn devilish.

So, feet could sort of be hands, if we didn't' have the flesh slabs that encase them. I guess they aren't because we lost the bid with the Orangutans.

This is what I say.

Feet that are hands would be cool.