Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wordy Wednesday...Fail!

I was busy, I guess.
No, I was tired.
No, I was exhausted.

Here's the truth. I was beset by allergens, cats, a dog and assorted when I tried to sleep last night. I laid my head down and drifted off, content to let the world go dark so I didn't have to think for a few hours and cigarette smoke invaded my room!
I don't like when it gets inside the vents and when someone is a chain smoker and you breath in deeply when you're sleeping, it gets inside your damn pipes and you wake up at noon, wondering why you feel so sick and exhausted.

I'll have something more substantial next week, I hope.
Something that will be a literary equivalent to This!  Oh, how I love their perfumes. I'd try this one in a heartbeat if my stuff was selling.