Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wordy Wednesday; Mario Bernadett, Lost on an Island 2

My book got over a hundred views! So...I put it up for sale again.
I also figured out more things to add to The Wind-Up Terrier. After misery and confusion and wandering around like an automoton for months, my creativity has returned and is becoming as powerful as it once was.
With that, I will begin this week's snippet which, I might add, is on time for once.

Back to Mario Bernadett, who I started talking about in a previous Wordy (wends)day, here
I uncurled from the rock and allowed myself to fall over onto some sandy grass where I lay still, until I began to wonder if there were ants or beetles int the grass. I stayed where I was. Ignore it, ignore it, I thought, but when I began to wonder about spiders, venomous spiders that would crawl inside my polo shirt and up my chest to my neck and all the way up to my face before biting, swelling my eye shut and making my head look like a half carved piece of rock, entirely organic on one side and a human face on the other as I slowly fell into convulsions accompanied by searing, blinding pain which, hopefully, would come in waves instead of sticking around for the duration. After that, I would be either permanently scarred or I would die, slowly losing control of my limbs as the venom ate its way through my nerves until, eventually, I would feel nothing, no pain at all and lose the ability to breath. I figured there would be a not-pain component, even if my nerves had fizzled out.

So, I sat up and then I stood, carefully looking down at myself and brushing off my front, jumping whenever I spotted a bit of dried grass. I screamed when I saw a spider and danced around, terrified after I flicked it off.
I needed to go find food. I wondered if you could eat grass. I didn't think you could. Things that could eat grass didn't usually eat meat and I ate meat, at least in theory, anyway but I had a feeling my vegetarianism would have to be put on hold while I was trapped on this BARREN ISLAND.
Coconuts! No, it couldn't be that easy, could it? Get trapped on a desert, no, deserted island and find coconuts to eat. I shrugged to myself. If I found them, I wondered what I would do with them. Egh, at least they were vegetarian. I set off to wander closer to the coastline, where I had a vague idea that coconuts grew.