Friday, June 7, 2013

Wordy Day

I misssed it!
I missed a Wordy Wednesday so, today, is wordy day. It doesn't sound so great but whatcha gonna do, right?
I'll just take my licks and keep on ticking.
(today appears to be a silly day, or, possibly a dumb day. Take your pick?)
(This was begun on Thursday when I realized I'd forgotten. I decided to work on it some more that evening when I was settled in, Instead I got ill)

(This is what I mustered up today)
Sooo. This...Is it. I'm sick. I'm licked, ,I'm ticked off and my brain just clicks, again and again, not connecting the threads of the wheels inside me head that spin when I'm well, and make the stories, the writing gel, properly.
I wonder why I'm not stopping me.
I guess I think of myself so loftily,
That I can't help but continue,
Until I receive some injury,
To convince myself,
When enough is enough.
...Wow. That was interesting. I managed to tell myself that enough was enough by an unknown combination of keys and track pad swipes while I was trying to type, to select and then remove all text save for a d. I fixed it though but I caught the hint. I'm done for today. And late, for a Wordy Wednesday.

This is what you get, when I am sick
Two days late, but willing to fake, enthusiasm, indubitably!