Saturday, April 27, 2013

How Well Things are Going


Nice warmer weather we've been having, huh?

I thought it might be nice to mention how things have been after publishing the book.

First Day
Yay, downloads. Everything's good, well, okay. I only got about 28 downloads on the first day and I think seven of those are Smashwords downloads so that they can assess the readiness of the book to make premium, but still, it's something.
Days Two through Nine
I was averaging under ten downloads per day, not great but not terrible. I attribute this to the fact that my book was still a new book in the category so it got first page status. On day seven, I changed the book from free to 2.99. I think I got a few downloads between days seven and nine because other people were re-downloading the book or I was checking the formats for errors, myself.

After Day Seven

It's day seventeen.
I've written another book in a different genre. Problem is, I still need to make it nice and pretty and get a cover. I don't think I have the strength.
Still, I think it's a solid book. I know part of the problem is no reviews and the fact that my cover is rather...unique. Things could pick up.
It's a very good thing I don't have a paper manuscript. I'd have probably acted like one of those silly, over-emotional writers and shredded it while drinking copious amounts of whisky and nearly losing a thumb, by now.

I've been a good little girl, more or less. I want juuuuust one sale, or a few thousand, whatever.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Ugh, nothing is happening. I'm not really surprised but that doesn't mean that I couldn't hope for a spontaneous rise to fame. I think everybody does that, even with fifth grade art projects because some of them actually do gain praise and attention.
I want praise and attention.
I can't help it, I'm fond of those sweet words of approval and I'm not self centered enough to give them myself.
The book has only been out since April 10 and it has only been approved for distribution since April 17. I gave it a price which is now set at 2.99, on April 7. No bites, not yet.
Snow Sands: Through the Wormhole, Book 1, hasn't been visible for very long and it is sort of a publish to publish thing. Not that I don't think the book is entertaining, I do, but I also think that it needs two or three more books to follow it. I'll wait and see what happens once I get some reviews and continue working on my other series. At the moment, the characters from; The Wind-Up Terrier, come more easily to me, and the life of Miss Euphemia Hatter is the one I am most concerned with.
I am also working on some Snow Sands short stories which I hope to put together in a novella. The project will do double duty helping me re-familiarize with my characters and providing a companion volume for the first Snow Sands book.

I am considering changing the cover. I do like it but I wonder if something else would work better.
 I'll think about it.