Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My Dog is Gone

You know Jager, the dog who inspired Bubble's Ordeal and Ode to Jager?
He passed away rather horribly on Monday. It was too early for him and we're feeling very guilty and horrible. This is just after he finished his four month heart worm treatment. He was worm free. He was also refusing to eat and losing weight. My guy had been laid off from his job, again and we hoped that getting him to eat and getting his tapeworms, which he seemed to get every single time he went outside, would be enough. It wasn't.
A little after noon on Monday, October 21 2013, Jager collapsed in the back of the SUV after he'd been carried there from the grass where he'd lain down and refused to stand. He stopped breathing immediately.
We'd been worrying so much that it's a relief. It's also quite painful. He should have lived longer. He could have lived longer if we'd chosen differently.

We are dealing with it and I have decided that for my NaNoWriMo book, I will write about the death of a dog and his bonding with a dog mecha. It sounds silly but I promise you it will be epic. Jager's picture will be in the beginning and the book will be dedicated to him and to my guy.
I will finish this one. I need to.

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