Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wordy Wednesday. Different ways to go about writing, Part 1, Which Medium or, What Tools I Use to Write.

Writing is an art. It is a bit more clear than many forms of art, though that doesn't have to be the case. Surrealism exists in writing as well as painting and it may be difficult to determine what the writer's intent was though, often, we try and make sure you get it but it doesn't always work since references, tropes and sarcasm only work if you know about them.
Poe's law. Look it up.

Like drawing a picture, you can choose how to go about it and, as with drawing a picture, there are a few tools that you can choose from because they work. In that case, pencils, erasers and pens, in the case of writing, the methods have changed. First it was the pen and something to write upon, then it was the typewriter and then the computer. There were some intermediate steps, like the electric typewriter which has a certain amount of memory but I don't have any experience with that and I've had a bit of trouble finding them. 

What I want to talk about is the computer. It's not a dedicated writing machine. I kinda wish it was. I spend way too much time on it not writing for me to think of it as one. Just opening up my laptop and turning it on seems to make me flighty. Despite this, I've been doing most of my writing as well as my outlines on my laptop. For a while, I was doing well, highly motivated, productive. Then I had a bunch of depression and couldn't write. Then I could write but didn't really want to. Now I sorta want to write and the ideas are definately flowing, but I just can't seem to focus very often. 

Partly because of this, I got a new notebook. I opened it up and I began to write. everything came easily. I knew that I'd have to turn my computer on to get at it and the paper was right there. Everything was crystal clear. This is why I have decided to go back to using pen and paper for writing, at least the plotting and outlines. 

One of these days, I think I may try writing the whole thing by hand, like I used to do, but only if I have a scanner so I don't have to type every single thing out. 

My tools of the trade are a notebook and a Pentel R.S.V.P fine point as well as a late model Asus laptop. 

They used to be pen and paper and they could very well be again. I have used the computer exclusively most recently, but now I'm gonna try the hybrid approach. 

Perhaps one day I will try a digital pen one day. That would be midway across the bridge between the old and the new.

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