Friday, August 30, 2013

Wordy Day; Ode to Jager

I dropped the ball. I got nothing...Except this.

Deep black orbs, ringed with amber, shimmering with warmth and reproach. Brows crowned with speckled brown and white. Ears shaking and rising and falling in anticipation and then disappointment. A long mottled brown and white snout with a freckled moist nose at the end.

He wants it.
He shivers and quakes, his pink tongue inviting treats.
Always, he waits, standing or reclining nearby, sometimes underfoot.
He is always within reach of your hand, always around to lick up spills.
He is an elderly, bored hound dog who loves cheese, and bacon more than even his master, sometimes.
He doesn't care for carrots or broccoli.

There we are.

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