Friday, June 21, 2013

Wordy Wednesday Bubble's Vet Office Ordeal 1

Okay. I'm still calling the story posts Wordy Wednesdays but I make no promises to post them on Wednesdays.
I really did do a snippet in advance but then, alas, I forgot. I've had some things to do. 
Here it is. 

So, yesterday I went with my boyfriend’s dog to the vet. They wanted him to drop off the dog but the dog, sweet boy that he is, has anxiety issues and instead of him being put into a kennel, he wanted me to stay the several hours with the dog while we waited for the ultrasound technician to come that afternoon. I was dropped off around eight in the morning. I don’t mind waiting, especially when I’m a little short on sleep and slightly drowsy and the environment is quiet and cool and the dog needs reassuring. My boy mentioned at least twice that I would be staying with the dog and I had two people, a vet assistant and the receptionist mention to me that it would be several hours. Finally, I had the receptionist tell me that he’d confirmed that the tech wouldn't be there until about two. The last straw was the vet coming out and talking baby talk to me to get me to drop him off.

People are weird.

We’d been quiet. I’d taken the dog out a couple times and, really, save for me forgetting to bring a blanket for the dog's hips on the tile floor (because doggy and kitty facilities are deficient on even something as simple as a washable rubber pad) there'd been nothing to suggest the dog wasn't happy, no altercations with other animals at all, especially since there hadn't been many to begin with. The dog was just mildly curious for them. 

A few hours in, we were escorted to an examination room. My boyfriend was called and managed to explain to them that I couldn’t just leave, having no ride and bus stops being unknown in this area. At this point, the dog was examined.

I fail to understand how a vet who can be pretty good with animals feels the need to talk to me like she probably believes small children should be talked to. She began with, “So, you write?” Quite a nonsequiter. I mean, I do but it was out of the blue, sort of the kind of thing my school counselor would start out with. I did like my school counselor, though so points for that.

Anyway, I began to wonder at this vet office. The place is a little run down and not particularly bright or cheerful but that probably just means they don’t overcharge. What gets to me is that the blanket they gave Jager at my request is tiny, a baby blanket and wouldn’t do shit for lessening the hardness of these floors. He’s currently using it as a pillow. I wondered if there’s stuff going on. Paranoid little me, huh. I’m not impressed by the veterinary staff but I don’t believe they’re part of the fur trade either. Still, I got a story idea out of it.

Bubbles the king Charles spaniel settled into his portable kennel. He knew where she was going and it didn’t worry him a bit. A trip to Paws and Purrs, his salon was not a cause for distress, rather it was something to look forward to because they washed him gently, massaged his back and legs and gave him a pedicure with tangerine polish. The little dog panted contentedly. He was feeling so strung out and this was the perfect treatment.

The small, green leopard print pet taxi tipped very slightly in the seat it was buckled to as the car stopped. Bubbles looked lazily through the mesh side of the carrier as he was conveyed out of the vehicle. His eyes widened.  This was not the salon. This was a bleak, off white box of a building with clapboard additions built on. Where was he being taken? He looked up through the mesh at the hand holding the carrier and then strained his moist, marble eyes to see the person attached to it. Who was that? He barked quizzically. There was no reaction, except that the carrier swayed a little more than he was used to but that may have been happening from the beginning. The dog growled under his breath. Curse his complacency! There was something nefarious going on.

The person carried him through a doorway and then the carrier jolted as he was set down. Bubbles mustered up his gumption and peered again through the mesh. There was an unknown human right in front of him, sitting bellow him and fiddling with papers. Was this a vet’s office? It did not look like his. His was bright and he knew the smell. He turned to the mesh on the other side of the carrier and peered at the person who had brought him. It was not Mable, as he had expected! It was a male, her nephew. The nephew had kidnapped him. He’d waited until Mable put him in the carrier and snatched it away without Bubbles even noticing!

The dog’s eyes narrowed. How evil! He snuffled. If only he hadn’t been struck down with a cold, none of this would have happened! He wouldn’t be stolen away if he’d been able to smell the degenerate nephew. He would have bared his teeth, flexed his muscles and escaped! He would even now be back in the arms of his beloved mistress. This was a lesson for him, don’t trust the nephew. Bite him as soon as possible so that he knows who’s in charge. Then he would take him back and it’d all be done and somewhat forgotten, save the occasional bite to drive in the point.

Bubbles staggered and let out a startled bark as he was picked up again and led to a dark room. Inside was a bunch of different doggy smells, all of them scared. Bubbles really began to worry. At his vet, there was anxiety and some piss and, of course feces, but there wasn’t normally fear. That was for first time visits. Fear was for puppies. 

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