Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wordy Wednesday Four

I'm gonna try to keep this story running for a few Wednesdays. I like this girl. She's weird.
Today is just a taste.

Wackadoodle Girl

“….Wackadoodle all day. Mm mm mm mm, mmmmmmmm….Aw, fuck it.” Carrie gave up as she lost sight even of what the tune for the song was.  She’d better things to do. She looked up from her feet to the student body who wandered past below the little terrace she’d climbed up on. She scuffed her feet on the grass. Like not sing a silly song she didn’t know the lyrics to after lunch period had let out and everyone, including her, was going to class. She blushed and walked nonchalantly to the edge of the raised bit of turf, like a little garden, and stepped off, practice allowing her to land without a jolt.

“Nice,” said one of her, she assumed, classmates, a girl with thick brown hair, brown eyes and an impressive rack, or, that’s what Carrie saw from the corner of her eye. She didn’t like looking directly at people, especially when she was trying to walk. 
She nodded and dashed a glance the girl’s way. “Thanks.” There. The exchange was done. She’d interacted. She felt happy to have done it and relieved that it was over at the same time. She’d be pleased with herself for hours even if no one else talked to her during that time. Carrie was simple. She didn’t need much praise to run hot. 

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