Friday, May 10, 2013

Teen Vampire Angst

Certain...difficulties with my freedom of movement and financial stability have made my creativity act like a flashlight with a faulty battery connection. I have flashes of brilliance and times when nothing happens but a lot of the time the light I cast is dim and hard to see by.

Nonetheless, I've been working on and off, like the aforementioned flashlight.

Snow Sands has been doing bearably well, though it's hard to tell since I haven't actually sold any copies or gotten any reviews. People have been liking it on facebook and, as a friend pointed out, people are more likely to be vocal with things they hate than ones they like. I know that to figure out if people like the book and actually get feed back I need to have more of the series up. I'm working on it. I'm also trying to finish another book in a different genre but people who like one book may not think the other is their thing.
I've decided I will put the book up for sale again after one of two things happen. It's out for two months or I get a review.

I've got a story that I wrote (not finished) back in high school, before Snow Sands. It was the second book I'd gotten very far on. Unfortunately, many bits of it got lost, I have no idea how, and after that I decided I would start using bound notebooks instead of binders full of loose leaf paper. I'm currently recreating the story. I'd be really nifty if I could finish it because it was about a vampire, sort of and I'd like to make my contribution to the teenage vampire genre. I do have another book that's much further along with a vampire as a main character but she's in college. She's also physically about thirty. I'd like to have some teen vampire angst done my way.

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