Friday, May 3, 2013

I Screwed Up

I've been wondering if I did something wrong, since I haven't gotten reviews or downloads and I didn't get a single sale for the two weeks that I had it at a price.

I thought my cover was too amateurish.

I thought my writing was too childish or slow or random.

I thought it was badly categorized.

I thought I didn't have enough tags.

Do you know what the biggest problem is, as far as I can tell. The one thing that jumps out?
Somehow, despite being a writer who tries to be meticulous, I put up a synopsis that is merely descriptive of the events. I didn't inject the weird humor I wrote with or the quirky personalities of my characters. There were no jokes, there was no enticing hook.

That was a mistake.

I feel dumb and will be fixing it forthwith.
Fixed as of...yesterday which was...5/2/2013.
Here it is! My improved book page. Note the funnies in the writing. See?


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