Thursday, April 11, 2013

I did it. I pressed the button!

I did it. I pressed the button! At this point, I think I was just impatient. I kept on telling myself, "One more day. There's going to be something else that you fix tomorrow," but I finally pressed the button.
I got flagged by Autovetter. I had a tab in my work.
Silly me, I looked through the whole thing with paragraph marks. 164 pages...I only found one tab. Eventually, after running the file through again, I looked at instructions and just used Find and Replace.
Still, using paragraph marks wasn't so bad. It seems I have a bit of a lead finger for the space bar sometimes. I've no doubt that would have showed up oddly in some reading mediums.

The book is now up on Smashwords for free for at least the next week. I do eventually hope to make some money but, for now, I want people to read and tell me what they think. I still have this worry that I made glaring mistakes and I know that some people won't care for it. Given my own, hardly unknown, tendency to not see the point of some books, that's okay. It's why so many different books and genres exist. A difference in preferences is also why people savor Casu Marzu.
Also, the book is a little weird. I can write more conventionally but this series is going to be a little weird. I wrote it in high school in half-legible handwriting with little difference between the a's and u's, for goodness sake. I wanted to write something weird and interesting, otherwise, I would have just slept on my desk, like I did the rest of the time.

Here's my book. Snow Sands: Through the Wormhole, Book 1 Happy reading, if you like. I only hope my head doesn't explode at the first blow.

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