Saturday, April 27, 2013

How Well Things are Going


Nice warmer weather we've been having, huh?

I thought it might be nice to mention how things have been after publishing the book.

First Day
Yay, downloads. Everything's good, well, okay. I only got about 28 downloads on the first day and I think seven of those are Smashwords downloads so that they can assess the readiness of the book to make premium, but still, it's something.
Days Two through Nine
I was averaging under ten downloads per day, not great but not terrible. I attribute this to the fact that my book was still a new book in the category so it got first page status. On day seven, I changed the book from free to 2.99. I think I got a few downloads between days seven and nine because other people were re-downloading the book or I was checking the formats for errors, myself.

After Day Seven

It's day seventeen.
I've written another book in a different genre. Problem is, I still need to make it nice and pretty and get a cover. I don't think I have the strength.
Still, I think it's a solid book. I know part of the problem is no reviews and the fact that my cover is rather...unique. Things could pick up.
It's a very good thing I don't have a paper manuscript. I'd have probably acted like one of those silly, over-emotional writers and shredded it while drinking copious amounts of whisky and nearly losing a thumb, by now.

I've been a good little girl, more or less. I want juuuuust one sale, or a few thousand, whatever.

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