Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I've just finished my first full length book and I will be publishing it with the wonderful site Smashwords fairly soon. I'm pretty happy about this since I've been working on this particular book for about six years. Let me tell ya, it was a bear at first but starting out scribbling in a notebook, single spaced, with my handwriting, it would be. The process was a long and hard one but pretty fun and now that it's finished I hope those who read it enjoy the story I created and then spent years untangling until it made sense.

 I completed the initial draft in 2008. All the rest was transcribing and adding in capitalization and formatting which I then had to scrap since I was publishing an ebook. I know my letters back to front as any person should and I can spell but some of the finer points of grammar and punctuation eluded me until I began working on Snow Sands, which I called Demon Cat for most of its developmental life. I also learned to type more accurately and all sorts of things like saving my work because I'm kinda a bone head sometimes.

This book is important to me. It was my first completed rough draft (which just sounds wrong since a rough draft is far from finished) and I did it as a tribute to a kitten I had who disappeared out of the blue. I can't say it got me through a hard time as it wasn't as bad as all that, the kitten probably having gone to live somewhere else, but it did help me get over being sad and worried after a few months. I still wonder what happened to that little fluff ball.
Snow Sands, Through the Wormhole, Book One, is about a fifteen year old girl and a mysterious talking cat who the girl apparently brought back from the dead. The girl and cat end up on another planet because the cat is afraid of something and then they wander around doing stuff and meeting people. I know that sounds vague but I'm saving the good stuff for a blurb on Smashwords and I don't want to give too much away just yet. I will say that there is magic and a Prince and Princesses and that there is duplicity afoot from several corners. There's even an evil Queen. All in all, I think it's worth a look but I'm pretty biased. Still, the statement holds.

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